Saturday, October 19, 2013

don't want to waste it

hi blog.. long time no see.. probably because I forgot my id and password.. well that is just half the truth. the truth is i have been through so many things since i last blogged. Those things kept me busy and most of all those are something that i want to keep to myself. guess i am still the secretive person as before. i am not the kind to go all whining in the net. but for the sake of the blog that i have made i don't want to waste it. So i can't say when is the next time that i will blog, but this still show that i am still alive. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A junk filled day~

Actually it's a junk FOOD filled day. Wake up too early for Saturday, after tired from a cycle of waking up and sleeping back again, I kicked myself to get out from bed and it went like this,
  • 9:30am : drink water and took a bath
  • 1030am : eat potato chips while browsing through facebook
  • 11am : put up loud music while doing the laundry and dancing around the house ( yeah, my excise regime)
  • 1130am: watch video taken during my holidays, especially those with him as the star :) and continue eating my chips (not finished during the 1st round)
  • 1230pm : browsing facebook again, but now while eating the chocolate cake made by my housemate hehehe
  • 1:30pm : hang my laundry to dry.
  • 2pm : nap (yeah, I still love to nap)
  • 3pm : I'm hungry~ went to the kitchen and made myself fried chicken wings heheheh
  • 4pm : playing "chicken invaders"..funny and ridiculous game..always reminding me of KFC..hmmm~
  • 6pm : facebook-ing, again
  • 7pm : hungry again, but now i took another slice of the chocolate cake but i put some vanilla ice cream on it, heaven~~
  • now : blogging while savoring milk with oreo floating in it

ok, maybe it is not so junk filled after all, but the day isn't finished yet, and there are still some chips left.. hmm I'm going to get them now~ hahahaha!!
Take care everyone~ want some chips?

song for junk food lovers